If you like to drink excellent wine but don’t want to spend a lot of money, then you have come to the right place.  I am an extremely passionate wine connoisseur and I buy a lot of good wine while always trying to find value.  There are thousands of quality wines out there that aren’t expensive.  You just need to look in the right places, and more importantly you need to try different wines to find out what you like.  Most of what I buy to drink sells for less than 15£ a bottle.  I am more of red wine kind of guy, but will drink the occasional interesting white wine.  I also have recently started buying wines for investment and these are stored professionally in private cellars in the UK and the US.  Most of my wine portfolio is naturally focused on Bordeaux, but I have started to add cases from Italy, Champagne, Burgundy and California.   I’ve created this blog to give my thoughts and reviews of wines that I like or don’t like and welcome others to participate.  I will also post articles on the wine industry which I feel are interesting.  Most of my recommendations for purchasing will be from UK retailers and a few in the New York area.

I live in London and work in the banking industry.  Wine is just a hobby at the moment.  Please feel free to add your own thoughts/opinions.

Kind regards,

Milton McNichol

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  1. Thanks Dpat……just for fun, but we will see. I’m glad you like and I still have the 99 Lafite you gave me….if you are ever in London, let me know…It would be nice to share it with you…see you in a couple weeks?!!!!

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