Maria Lara’s Fresh Pasta

Maria Lara’s Fresh Pasta and



While I am passionate about wine, my wife is even more passionate about cooking, and especially baking. This page is dedicated to my wife Lara’s amazing Italian culinary expertise.  She uses a natural Sourdough yeast known in Italy as Pasta Madre (Mother Dough) for many of the treats you see below.   Most people associate sourdough only with bread, but in fact it can be used to make many other delicacies, including, pizza, cakes and panettone just to name a few.  This is just the beginning for her, but please do have a look at the picture gallery to see her wonderful creations.  Items are available for made to order, just write to us and we will respond as soon as possible. She also has expanded her skills and is focusing currently on Fresh Pasta. Do check out her website :

Here is some background info on Sourdough, which you probably didn’t know:

Sourdough is the oldest and most original form of leavened yeast. The oldest recorded use of sourdough is from the Ancient Egyptian civilizations. True sourdough bread, because of how it ferments over time, provides us with more probiotic microorganisms in our gut (intestinal tract) to help build up our immune system.

It provides vitamins B1 through B6 from lactobacillus and B12 vitamins from wild yeast. Wild yeast multiplies aerobically. This is because they have oxygen in them (not free radical oxygen ions) that feed your blood cells and not cancer cells. Most plant proteins including grains, seeds, cereals, beans, nuts, and some grasses form gluten. However, sourdough microflora has all the amino acids available, without the protein that forms gluten. It produces acids, which will break down and remove some of the glutens from the bread.

True sourdough offsets the effects of phytic acid, which robs your body of precious minerals. It has most everything needed for optimum nutritional absorption. To absorb calcium, you need magnesium. To absorb magnesium, you need vitamin E, C, etc. Most of these are in the sourdough microorganisms, thus providing optimum absorption.

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