The Chinese are buying California Grapes Now?

I knew the Chinese were driving up the price of 1st Growth Bordeaux, but apparently they are also buying grapes to make their own wine.  Interesting….This could be huge for Califorinia and the Governator is even getting involved.  Cali certainly needs a boost in revenue.


California Grape Demand Grows in China
Chinese shoppers preferred California grapes over other sources, including Chinese-grown.
Published: Sep 30, 2010 in the California Farmer

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent trade trip to China for the California Grown program highlighted the importance of the Chinese market for California products.

In a 2009 survey, the majority of Chinese grocery shoppers preferred grapes from California over any other source, including Chinese-grown grapes.

“From the beginning, we knew China had the potential to be a great market for California grapes,” says Kathleen Nave, president of the California Table Grape Commission, Fresno. When the market first opened in late 1997, California grapes were available in just three cities in that country. “Since then, we’ve expanded access to California grapes and promotion programs into all regions of the country.”


While visiting a market in Hangzhou, China, the governor posed with a basket of California-grown grapes (pictured) showcasing the high-quality California products available to Chinese consumers.


Last year, China was the number two export market for California grapes with nearly 4.2 million 19-pound boxes of grapes shipped to that country. Canada was the number one export market.

 The California Table Grape Commission was created by the California legislature in 1967 to increase worldwide demand for fresh California grapes through a variety of research and promotional programs. More at

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