2000 Meerlust Rubicon

 I was fortunate enough to find a Magnum of this 10 year old South African beauty at Uncorked in the UK for only 40£.   Magnums are always fun, and especially so since wine tends to age better in larger formats. This stunning South African bordeaux style blend almost tastes like it came from Napa Valley.  Dark rich color and smooth tannins of sweet raisins.  Chocolate fudge aromas on the nose.  Very serious indeed.   This particular vintage of Meerlust Rubicon is 70% Cabernet, 20% Merlot, and 10% Cabernet Franc.   It is not overpowering either, at an avg 13.5% alchohol which works well.   While you will probably struggle to find the 2000 vintage of this wine, Meerlust Rubicon is widely avaiilable for about 30$ a bottle in the US and 20£ per bottle in the UK.  (available in the UK at www.uncorked.co.uk and www.slurp.co.uk)   It is well worth buying if you see it.  They also make an outstanding Chardonnay which is reminiscent of White Burgundy and worth seeking out.  Review to follow,   stay tuned……..


2000 Meerlust Rubicon, My rating 92 pts


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