2008 Zlatan Plavac

 I haven’t posted a review in some time, and I promise I will be back writing about my passion for the grape more frequently in due course.  I thought I would start 2012 with a wine from an area which unfortunately gets completely overlooked.  I was in Zagreb, Croatia last fall, and was surprised to try some truly wonderful red wines.  This Zlatan Plavac 2008 pictured, is made primarily of the local Croatian grape Plavac Mali, which is a descendant of the worldy popular red zinfandel.  It comes from the island of Hvar off the stunning Dalmation Coast.  What is nice about this wine, unlike most red zins, it that it is not over the top with alcohol coming in at an average 14%, which is low compared to most red zins. I have seen some Zins from California with ludicrous alcohol levels as high as 17 percent! This Croatian red is subtle, smooth yet with hints of blackberry and cinnamon.  It is quite an elegant, silky red which should get more recognition.  Croatian wines are unfortunately not easy to find, as the best wines don’t leave the country, but not impossible.  I highly recommend seeking them out.  no Robert Parker review for this one. My rating 90pts

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