2008 Abadengo Crianza Arribes


If someone said the name Juan Garcia to you, you would probably think “Is that a famous football player?” or a singer or something.  But in fact Juan Garcia in addition to being someone’s name it is also the name of a grape varietal which grows in Spain.   Borrowing from Wikipedia:

Juan García is a minor Spanish red grape variety. It is found mainly in the provinces of Zamora and Salamanca and in the autonomous region of Galicia. It is an authorized variety in the Arribes Denominación de Origen. Wikipedia

The wine pictured above is made from 60 year old vines, and is located in Perena de la Ribera in Salamanca, overlooking the Duero from 600 meters altitude.  It actually reminds of some of the simple, refreshing table wines like dolcetto you find in Italy.  Not too heavy a red, crisp, almost thirst quenching, and naturally would go well with Spanish tapas or even just some nice charcuterie.  I would even consider serving slightly chilled,and the best thing is it costs very little.  Available for only about 10 gbp a bottle in the UK. Try  http://www.modernvintagewines.com or http://www.winesociety.com

Unfortunately I am not sure if this wine makes it to the USA, but Juan Garcia grape is definitely worth seeking out.  Drink young. My rating 87pts


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