Le Froglet Shiraz wins Gold?

I stumbled across this article, and remember orginally watching this on the show Dragon’s Den a few months ago.  Originally I have to admit I agreed with the Dragons, and didn’t see the appeal to buying a plastic glass of wine sealed like a juice drink. Now I was in Marks and Spencer’s yesterday, and saw the Le Froglet glass on the shelf on my way home from work!  Will this appeal to commuters? I guess it could as long as the wine isn’t a disaster.   Apparently the wine isn’t all that bad according to Decanter, although I seriously have my doubts.  There is only one way to find out….Review to follow.  I wish I had come up with this idea?!!!

Le Froglet Shiraz wins gold
By: Rebecca Hubbard
Posted: Friday, August 20, 2010 2:10 pm
Le Froglet Shiraz wins gold

Le Froglet Shiraz hit the headlines last month when high street retailer Marks & Spencer launched its hugely successful cup-a-wine range, brainchild of Dragon’s Den reject James Nash. The sealed plastic glasses of red wine proved an instant hit and to keep up with the demand they have since been rolled out to all M&S stores nationwide.

Now the bottled version of the same wine has been awarded a gold medal at the 2010 Decanter World Wine Awards – the most influential wine competition in the world – cementing its position among the top wines in the world. 

The French red was entered into the internationally renowned competition alongside 10,983 wines from around
the world. It was judged by the best palates in the business before being awarded a gold medal.

Describing the Marks & Spencer Le Froglet Shiraz 2009 Decanter’s Editor Guy Woodward commented: “‘It’s a great value find. It has a lovely leather and bramble fruit nose. It’s fragrant and complex, with lots of dark fruit and savoury chocolate. The plastic glass version is a great idea, but given the bottled version is screwcap, won a Gold medal and works out cheaper, if I was going alfresco I’d probably buy a bottle and take my own glasses!”

M&S winemaker Belinda Kleinig, added: “We are delighted with the success of Le Froglet Shiraz, not only has it proved a huge hit with our consumers but it has impressed the Decanter judges as well. The bottle version is now an award-winning wine and the glasses are proving hugely popular with our customers. There really is no stopping the little frog!”

Full article here: http://www.fmcgnews.co.uk/le-froglet-shiraz-wins-gold-cms-896

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2 thoughts on “Le Froglet Shiraz wins Gold?

  1. Thanks for your comment Dahlton…I haven’t tried this yet, and yes it is kind of a cool idea. I just would feel kind of weird peeling back the label on the train going home from work. Time will tell if this will catch on, but I only see it possibly in big commuter cities like Manhattan or London. Nice to know there are grape fanatics in Florida too…..

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