Putting the screw on wine corks

There has been much debate over screwcaps vs the traditional cork.  I have to admit a wine does seem more legitimate with a real cork, especially if you are in a nice restaurant with a client for example.  Having the sommelier open a screwcap bottle just doesn’t feel right in my book.   However from a business perspective I assume its much cheaper and I don’t see screwcaps going away any time soon no matter what these sommeliers in France and cork makers from Spain/Portugal try to do…  see video here:
Putting the screw on wine corks

27 August 2010 Last updated at 11:03 Help

It has created great debate among wine lovers for years as the screw top has steadily grown in popularity, replacing the humble cork.

Now Sommeliers in France and cork manufacturers in Portugal and Spain have launched a multi-million-dollar campaign to save the wine cork and persuade wine lovers to shun the increasingly popular screw cap.

David Chazan spoke Guy Woodward, Editor of Decanter Magazine and Marco Pelletier, Chief Sommelier at Hotel Bristol.

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