2008 Terredora Aglianico

If you are a looking for a nice alternative Italian red wine to the more popular and overly marketed Tuscan and Piedmont wines then this one might be for you. There is much more to Italian wine than Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, Chianti or Supertuscan.  I have recently stumbled upon the wines of Southern Italy of which there is some seriously good wine being made.  What is even more fantastic is the wines are not expensive at all. Sure there are some that are, but for the most part the region represents very good value in reds and whites.

One of Campania’s most popular red varietals, Aglianico, is a wonderful black grape which actually originated in Greece.  This 2008 Aglianico from Terrodora is absolutely splendid, and a classic example of the varietal to try.  Think dark, bubbly strawberries and mocha in the glass.  Soft, elegant, and not too much alcohol or over ripeness.  In one word, yummy.  And at only 10£/$16 a bottle you will struggle to find an Italian red of this quality at this price.  In fact I’ve had wines much more expensive that aren’t nearly as good.  The reserve version of Aglianico, called Taurasi should also be sought out.  Terredora’s 2004 Taurasi is supposed to be a real jewel of a wine, but costs a little more.  I haven’t actually tried any YET,  but I am sure Taurasi is called the Barolo of the South for a good reason.   The whites are also worth a try. My reviews to follow in due course. my rating of 2008 Terredora Aglianico,  92 pts. If you see it buy it by the caseload, in fact I just did.   It will pair very well with a grilled ribeye steak or just a plain old fashioned burger. BREAK OUT THE  WEBER BBQ!!!! WHO CARES IF IT IS WINTER. MINE IS ALWAYS READY TO GO!..Terredora’s wines are available in the UK at Jeroboams and Uncorked.  And in case you  are a wine advocate follower, they like it too:


Wine Advocate # 189
Jun 2010
Antonio Galloni 90 Drink: 2010 – 2014 $12-$15 (18)
The estate’s 2008 Aglianico is a gem of a wine. Wild cherries, dark raspberries, spices, leather and licorice come together beautifully in this medium-bodied red. Floral notes waft out from the glass on the finish. There is nothing fussy here, just a flat out delicious bottle of unoaked Aglianico readers are sure to enjoy. Even better, this is a terrific value. Anticipated maturity: 2010-2014. These new releases from Terredora are among the most impressive I tasted. From top to bottom these are serious wines readers will not want to miss. The 2009 whites, all of which are aged in steel, reflect the rich, generous style of the vintage, while the 2004 Taurasis are simply off the charts.

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