1997 Terrabianca Campaccio

This has always been of my favorite Italian wines, and was one of the first wines that I was introduced to years ago before I knew anything at all about wine. It is a classic in SuperTuscan style, blending 70% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon.  I was fortunate to be given a bottle of the 1997 vintage from a friend, and it did not disappoint.  Thanks Spike. Its best years might be behind it, but the wine still has lovely floral aromas and undertones with a silky finesse in the taste.  It is wonderful to drink a nice wine with some bottle age on it as the tannin has now disappeared, but the palate is still fruity with a hints of raisin and espresso.   What is remarkable is for a wine of such quality recent vintages of Terrabianca Campaccio are still very affordable. It can be found for about 20£ in the UK and $30-40 in the US depending on state.  Unfortunately not many retailers in the UK sell it, but try Great Western Wines.  It is widely available in the US.   my rating 90pts

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