2009 Le Difese, 3rd wine of Sassicaia

Well if you wanted to try Sassicaia without having to break the bank, then this wine is definitely for you.  Le Difese is actually the third wine from the infamous Tenuta San Guido estate, made of 70% Cabernet, and 30% Sangiovese.  The wine is absolutely delightful on its own and can accompany a wide array of food including the usual Italian delicacies of pizza, pasta, or risotto, but don’t be afraid to try it with some spicy jerk chicken or just an old-fashioned burger grilled on the Weber.  You will be pleasantly surprised   There are velvety tannins of cherries and blueberries with slight herbal undertones and is classic Supertuscan in every sense.  Le Difese is an extremely elegant wine which is yummy now, but can certainly keep for at least 5 years.  At a really affordable price, you will struggle to find an Italian red of this quality for any less, especially from such a heralded estate as Sassicaia.  This in my opinion is highly underrated and thankfully winemaker Sebastiano Rosa has made an outsanding wine in 2009 which everyone can drink.  Hopefully it stays relatively cheap, but as more and more people find out how good it is, I doubt it will.  The second wine Guidalberto is also worth a try but costs almost double, while the big daddy, Sass, trades close to 10 times more in price depending on vintage.  Leave the Sassicaia for the investment.  This is one to drink everyday. Buy it by the case load.  Available in the UK at Jeroboams, for about 15£ per bottle, and in the US for about 30$ per bottle at a few retailers, (try Zachys in NY).

My rating 92pts.

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