2007 Vietti Langhe Nebbiolo Perbacco

I am going to let you all in a very big secret.  I am sure there are many wine lovers out there who like Barolo and want to drink Barolo but don’t want to pay Barolo prices.  Well, I’ve got just the wine for you.  Most top Barolo producers make entry level Nebbiolo from their vineyards which when made right can rival many high end Barolos.  The key is to buy Nebbiolo from solid trustworthy wine makers, and Luca Corrado from Vietti is one of the best in Italy.  The grape used in Barolo is Nebbiolo, and this beauty from Vietti in my opinion is basically declassified Barolo.  Think cherry and ripe raspberries on the tongue, followed by rose petals on the nose.  This is an absolute joy to sip. Silk in a glass.  This wine is so, so approachable now, but will get better with age.  You can put this away in the back of the cellar for 10 years at least, which is what is so wonderful about Nebbiolo based wines when they are good. Viett’s Nebbiolo Perbacco retails in the UK for about 15£ per bottle and is available at Bordeaux Index.  In the U.S. you can find it for between $20-30 per bottle.  This is an amazing wine which I highly recommend. My rating 93+ pts.    

(My wife’s homemade pizza also worked well with this. Recipes will follow at some point.) 

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